Love of Portraits began as a simple Instagram account devoted to sharing portraits photography by talented photographers from all over the world. The hashtag #loveofportraits soon became one of the most popular hashtags used by photogs on Insta. A team of photographers curates the feed by checking the hashtag, looking at our messages and emails, and exploring other tags. It’s always inspirational to see the wonderful work that camera lovers are doing. Love of portraits has proudly shared photography by fantastic shooters like Ruben Caballero, Marcero Pérez López, Danny Scott Lane, Aleksandra Modrzejewska, Josh Edstedt, Jason Douglass, Anna Foersterling, Elena Maggiulli, Zeno Gill, Lucia Mondini, and hundreds of others. Some shoot on film, some shoot on digital, some shoot in black and white, some in color. They use cameras of all shapes and sizes and vintages. All have a skill for connecting with their subjects and creating a beautiful image. Their work continually impresses and inspires us. Some of the photographs are of faces or parts of faces, some are of a whole body. Some are fully clothed, some are partially or fully nude. They are all artful and tasteful. Many models — some famous, some relatively unknown — have appeared in our feed, including Elena Matei, Valeria Dymova, Arina Klokova, Olga Kobzar, Maya Stepper, Gabrielle Dubois, Julia Logan, Lena Janssen, Amanda Tutschek, Elle Britz, Luiza Matyba, Michal Idan, Simona Gemma, Anja Winkelmann, Isha van Dijk, Greta Di Bella, Claudia Barnard, Fleur Veenstra, Kristiyana Arsova, Lara Tronick, Rachel Kay, Angelina Jesson, Karolina Nurkiewicz, Miki Kraviz, Grace Palmer, Natalia García, Rose Beidler, Даша Коробейникова, Cristina Zhdanova, Laurel Thoma. That’s only a very few of the many, many stunning models that appear in our collection of photos. We encourage all photographers and fans of photography to to stay connected!

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