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Our curators simply use their good taste to identify and repost beautiful, creative, artful portraits that fit the general personality and aesthetic of Love of Portraits.

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Love of Portraits

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Love of Portraits features beautiful portrait photography from around the world. We love gorgeous photos of people. Black and white portraits, color portraits, portraits shot with film, portraits shot digitally, experimental photography…if we love a portrait, we will feature it. We adore all well done photography, but our mission is to celebrate nicely shot portraits of humans — their faces, their bodies, their expressions, their personalities. We began reposting photography on Instagram back in 2016. Since then, the hashtag we created, #loveofportraits, has been used hundreds of thousands of times. We have shared shots by hundreds of talented photographers from all over the world, as you will see when you scroll through our feed here or on Instagram. Many models, some famous, some relatively unknown, have appeared in our feed, including Elena Matei, Valeria Dymova, Arina Klokova, Olga Kobzar, Maya Stepper, Gabrielle Dubois, Julia Logan, Lena Janssen, Amanda Tutschek, Elle Britz, Luiza Matyba, Michal Idan, Simona Gemma, Anja Winkelmann, Isha van Dijk, Greta Di Bella, Claudia Barnard, Fleur Veenstra, Kristiyana Arsova, Lara Tronick, Rachel Kay, Angelina Jesson, Karolina Nurkiewicz, Miki Kraviz, Grace Palmer, Natalia García, Rose Beidler, Даша Коробейникова, Cristina Zhdanova, Laurel Thoma. That’s only a very few of the many, many stunning models that appear in our collection of photos. They really are from all over the world, every corner of the globe. Some are nude, some are topless, some are fully clothed. All of them are marvelous models captured by extremely talented photographers who also hail from countries all around this vast world of ours. Beautiful people in fantastic images.